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Located at Crimond Airfield site halfway between Peterhead and Fraserburgh.

Aberdeenshire Assault Course
Aberdeenshire Assault Course

Assault Course

Our Aberdeenshire course hosts a selection of challenging obstacles such as the Monkey Bars over the water tank, Ninja boards, Rope Swing, Muddy Trenches and many more! Are you brave enough to take on the Monkey Bars and make it all the way across without falling in? 


Aberdeen game zone is fast and furious. One team defends an outpost in the trees from their bunker defences. Attacking teams have only 2 approaches to the fortified positions. The game play is very fast flowing and has plenty of places to overrun the defending teams’ positions. The bunker guarding the approaching roads is hard to defeat. Full on action packed.


Airsoft is an amazing new sport like paintball but the guns are super realistic and fire plastic biodegradable ball bearings. Super accurate and unlimited ammo.

Nerf Wars

Nerf wars is action packed and perfect for smaller groups with kids and adults. Our Nerf guns fire foam darts making this an ideal game before moving on to paintball or airsoft for your next visit.

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