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Based in Galston, our Ayrshire site offers all the activities available and is hugely popular with all ages.

Assault Course

The Ayrshire assault course is highly popular with all ages. Some of the course highlights are our Ninja Warrior Rings, our challenging Reverse Net Climb, the Tower Finish and of course Trapdoor to give you a nice muddy surprise in our water section!


Our Ayrshire venue boasts a real downed helicopter and a massive 40ft artic lorry. The game zones focus around a small urban shanty village with the helicopter in the middle and next to the lorry. The game zones are normally capture the flag scenarios and are action packed from the second you get the go ahead for game on!!


Airsoft is an amazing new sport like paintball but the guns are super realistic and fire plastic biodegradable ball bearings. Super accurate and unlimited ammo.

Gun Range

Our gun range experience is a fun and safe session on our ranges with an expert instructor. Our guns are actual training weapons and are super realistic. Fire pistols to machine guns.

Nerf Wars

Nerf wars is action packed and perfect for smaller groups with kids and adults. Our Nerf guns fire foam darts making this an ideal game before moving on to paintball or airsoft for your next visit.

Archery Tag

Looking for a fun family day out? Ever wanted to shoot your colleagues? Are you organising a work social or a stag party? Fancy something different? Meet Archery Tag...Dodgeball with arrows!

Bubble Football

Bubble football is exactly as it sounds, playing football in bubbles/zorbs. Guaranteed to have you in heaps of laughter and will definitely be the funniest game you football you have played!

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