OPEN Scottish Assault Courses

Corporate Packages

We can put together tailor-made packages to suit your company and staff. We will ensure your special day is one to be remembered and having you coming back for more fun.

Your package will be filled with extra value for example if you are looking to do the assault course your designated SAC instructors can provide team challenges along the way if you are looking for a team bonding day out. We can get you working together as a group on the course completing extra challenges or have teams working against each other if you want to encourage groups to work competitively.

We may give you challenges, for example, having a burden that you have to get round the course from A to B without touching the ground, which may sound simple but when you add it the challenge of having monkey bars and tunnels to contend with makes it that bit harder! 

Another option we might give you is completing the course but at specific obstacles for example pictured here it may look simple to cross the water from one side to the other but the question is can you make it all the way across without falling in after or instructors add in a few complications to make it more difficult. 

Of course, our instructors will be on hand to make sure it’s not so straight forward for you making it to the other side.

Or going along the way when you come to an obstacle like this you will have extra challenges to do such as collect stars out in the water but of course without swimming in to get them, as a team and with only equipment provided you must discuss the best way to complete your challenge.

Why not add more to your package. Add on Paintball / Bubble Football / Airsoft for a discounted price! Contact your local centre direct for package prices.

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