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Gun Range

Gun Range

Come down to SAC Ayrshire and try our purpose-built gun range. 

Great fun for all the family to get up close and personal with our super life like military-style training weapons.

Try out our whole range of weapons and get some target practice in. Your session will be an hour-long with an instructor who will teach you how to shoot using Airsoft weapons. Starting with the basics and hand pistols you will then progress onto bigger rifles such as G36s, M4s, MP5s, AK47s. If you have been before or are a more advanced shooter, we will be sure to add in some more challenging targets for you too!

Honestly, we don’t disappoint when it comes to our guns. If you’re aged 8+ and you would like to have a shot of these super realistic training weapons, then this activity won’t disappoint.

You do not need any previous experience and it truly is a learning experience that has been so popular since its launch.

  • All gun range experiences are only £20pp for a session approx. 50 mins to 1 hour long.

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